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I can’t find the discord server link can you send it?

The Discord is just for Patreon supporters currently, sorry about that


Cool game! I have expected much less from a html-based game, so nice job.
But I can't equip any accessories

Well thank you!
What do you mean you can't equip them? Like, does it give an error or does clicking them just not do anything?


Oh, I actually got it. It can be equipped but it doesn't refresh the slot on that lockbox page (it remains empty). I don't know if that's intended

Oh that is good to know actually, thank you!

i still can't fuck chloe i'm done with felix man and also i can't have sex with him mom only his dad and i haven't met dad's coworker scene what should i do

Well, when you say that you are done with Felix, do you mean you chose the Felix path? When you make the choice early on with Chloe for who to use the liquid on, you can't go down the other storylines just yet; so if you chose to help her feminize Felix, you can't have a relationship with Chloe (this is being added, but it's not currently available).

So if you chose to go with Felix, you won't get to have sex with Chloe.

Also the Morin parents depends on your femininity, so if you are playing a feminine character you will have interactions with the dad, masculine characters have interaction with the mom.

As for the coworker scene, have you started doing anything with your mom? It starts with 5% femininity or higher. You can try checking with your mom or dad and see if they have a story options for you. There is one point where you have to confront your father while he is in the living room so you might check for that, as well.

so i cant have sex with felix and chloe both at the same time ? and i'm maxed 600 stat points and with 100 femininity and i havent got the scene or did i miss the scene i cant figure it out and is vice co ordinator the max you can get in chapel ?

Yes, Vice Coordinator is the final promotion for that job line.

No, currently you cannot have sex with both Felix and Chloe.

Uuuuh, if you've already maxed out relation with the parents, it should've definitely happened, it's a very early scene. Its during the early parts where your mother is having you try on clothes before you actually start building relation with them. So, you may have missed it, it is pretty brief, but it may be bugged. I did rework that beginning part of their relation content, so it's possible I messed something up, I will take a look at it.

ok i'll load one of my saves and try again


This is a genuinely really good game, I genuinely enjoyed it. Great work, sunfall.


Thank you, I really appreciate that and am glad you enjoyed it!

alright guys just a question theres this one video clip i cant find anymore where the onlyfans was like princess something something bro someone find that clip for me cuz i cant find it anymore

can you fuck chloe? i beaten the game and still cant fuck her

Yeah you can, you get to a few times through the dominant path with her. Do you still have anything showing up for her in the Objectives page?


Could definitely see PC bring dad in on the webcam fun, or perhaps getting a dog in the future ;]


I hadn't actually even thought about the Dad for that, good idea!


You could also:

  • Random encounter watersports scenes when using bathroom at Felix's house or PC character house
  • PC father shares you with his friends or coworkers
  • PC father threesome with PC and any romantic interest character

Just some random thoughts ;]

Deleted 84 days ago

Are you using the download or the web hosted version? If you are using the download, make sure you unzip it and have the HTML file and images folder together in one folder.


it works ; thank you.

How do I get a car to ride to Twonton?

You need to play through the trinket storyline. It starts in the park and you will then meet Alicia, however she isn't directly involved in this storyline (she has her own), what you need to do is take the trinket to Gabby in the Outskirts and follow through her tasks for you, which will lead you to getting the car.


  • Feminization
  • M2F Transformation

Are you doing this to others or is it happening to mc?


It is both for the feminization, but the M2F is currently just the MC; the MC can be feminized and transition to Female, however the character Felix can also be feminized by the player.


Dope not enough games let you do the feminizing


The price of club membership card was stated as 200$, but cost 500$ instead. Cash I have went negative value. A bug maybe?

Ah thank you for letting me know, sorry about that! I probably just missed a number somewhere

(3 edits) (+1)

Found a child tag error while playing the 1.0.7 download version.

Edit: Found another one.

Edit 2: Found 2 image and text discrepancies

Thank you very much for all the reports, I will take a look a look and get them fixed!


@sunfallgames - Just to bring to your attention, there are four images that use the ".jpeg" file extension that should be ".jpg". The HTML does not call for any ".jpeg" files, so these must be broken, though I have not confirmed in game. Also, "hospital\hospitaltechsupport5.jpg" is excessively large and there is one final GIF lingering in the winter folder. No attitude meant with any of this.
Great game, BTW.

(1 edit) (+1)

Very fun game great work! Are there any more shemale options coming in the future? and is there any way to make more money faster. Im only getting 22-29 per webcam.and I thought the achievement getting 2k doubled the money made.

I'm glad you like it! Yes, there are more options like that planned for the future and to get the doubled money from the achievement you need to wear the Gold Bracelet accessory that you get from it. Other than that, the amount of money you get is simply determined by your Attractiveness while working.


Cool, looking forward to the future developments! And thanks, I didn't realize it had to be put on, I thought just having it got the bonus. Keep up the good work 👍

Im wondering when at home you look outside the window and sometimes see someone watching you. Is something supposed to happen with this? If so what do i need to do to trigger it

There is nothing there yet, that is for something I've had planned for a while I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Sorry for the confusion!


Thank you! I was trying for a while hoping itd be a reacuring voyer where you can put on a show while pretending they arent there or a burggler forcing the character type situation but thats ok


omg! Love this game. I downloaded a few different games last night to tickle the pickle with (like 3d games) as well as this one. I spent the most time with this one and I dont regret that at all going to support the patreon when I get home. Question I haven't gotten what I imagine is very far in the free version is it possible to build a relationship and sleep with felixs dad or is he just a SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! cuck? 

I am glad that you are enjoying the game! For Felix's dad, it is entirely dependent on your character, if you are feminine you have that sort of relationship with him, but if you do masculine interactions with Mrs. Morin you can cuck him!

(1 edit) (+1)

wanted to let you know in the 1.1.1 version the club six member card is listed as $200 but is still taking $500 from the player. :-) 

also is the electronics store in the mall set up and i'm just not figuring out how to unlock it? lol

Yes, there is currently nothing in the electronics store, but thank you for letting me know about the membership card, I'll get it fixed!

does Outfit have any effect ?

No they don't, other than being naked or wearing the sissy dress and stuff getting a reaction from the player's parents

in that case why to make them have some effect like attractivness or arousal 

and maybe add the ability to use more than one accessories as long as they are not used in the same place for ex. accessories for neck , hand etc.

Great game by the way 

I'm glad that you are enjoying the game! I didn't want to have them affect anything just so that the player can wear whatever they feel like. That being said, adding another accessories slot may be a good idea

Since you guys are in the topic of suggesting : can you add the ability to have to do other jobs instead of just having one , when I left my job to see other jobs and went back to my old job all my experience was lost , I'm sure people went to see the other jobs

That's fair, I can't have all the jobs active at once because they use the same variable, but I can probably save progress with each job so when you quit you don't start from the beginning.

how do i get the cam show job and how do i move on from felix storyline??

For the cam show job, you just need to make sure not to currently have a job and you will have the option to find a job at the computer in your bedroom.
I'm not sure what you mean by move on from the Felix storyline though?

it says why dont you take a break and try catching up to felix

That is close to the end at this point, I may have forgot the little end message. It's supposed to update when you go to sleep, so if it doesn't then it should end there.

Bug: I've noticed in the last couple of versions that the Father's 'Tease Him' and 'Be Punished' both have an error Child Tag appear causing two outcomes to appear.


Oh, thank you very much for letting me know, sorry about that!

I can’t get in to penthouse put all the names in They don’t work


The name it's asking for is Mathew King


how do you unlock the Alex storyline?


When you find the trinket in the park and meet Alicia for the first time, you want to keep the trinket for yourself and take it to Gabby instead of giving it back to Alicia. That will start you on the path to changing Alicia to Alex.


i need alittle help i am stuck with alicia story line it says She may need a bit to get situated at home again, but you should check in on her again soon. and idk what to do annnd i was not able to find the discord server or a guide to finish the quest


Wow, thank you for bringing this up; apparently, I never made a link to the next passage and no one has ever mentioned it. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will fix it.

I dont know if its just me but the images wont load when i take alicia out at the mall

How to fix?

Im playing the web version

 also the scene at the old school


I'm sorry, I don't see anything wrong with them myself, does refreshing the page help at all

Thanks i think its my internet

What does "When Love and Death Embrace" achievement do?


It unlocks the Beer hat accessory which prevents you from blacking out from alcohol when you wear it.

How do I get Winter's friendship above 100 if possible

Yeah, once you get her relationship to 100, you should have the option to go to her apartment when you speak with her which will give you more options.


I mean the game nice but need something to fix it 

1. When you be female some gif show trans

2.the game need more and more pov hd and trans fuck male or female 

3.the stroy boring 

4. I hope take my advice besides i hope the update put more and more pov gays and trans gif or real video i don't but the best size can be 3Gb og game

is it possible to go back to male from female? like undo the trinket transformation

if not, it’d be a great addition to be able to switch between the two, since i’d like to see both versions of certain characters interactions :)

Not currently, but I do plan on adding this

Its still in version 0.9.11 for me even though 0.9.13 is available

Ah, I forgot to update the web link, thank you.


the silly gifs and images kill it for me. anyone else?

Deleted post

Yes, a lot of scenes still need to be updated for full female transition.

I will probably add a higher cup size eventually, an option to reduce them as well is a good idea though!

I'm glad you are enjoying the game so far, thank you for your comment!

Deleted 258 days ago

Does anyone have any games like this one? Like with a male mc dominating other men and women.

hey, my save is broken. after doing some quests i appear to have lost the ability to drive to town permanently. is there any way to fix this?

figured it out, if you don't ask to transition with gabby untill after you get the car, do it and then back out, you will be locked out of the car. i can provide a save if you need it, but it should be a simple fix.

I see, thank you for posting about it, I will get it fixed.

having trouble getting into the penthouse


If you need the name, it is Mathew King.

its not working

Are you using the proper capitilization?
You could also try Matthew King (with two "t"s) as they both should work.

I really don't understand what the Wicked Game achievement does.

Achievements unlock accessories that give pretty big, somewhat game-breaking boosts. Wicked Game gives you the gold bracelet which doubles cash earned from working.

how do you unlock the achievement?

All of the achievements are:

Wicked Game - earn a total of $2000 

Love The Hardest Way - have sex at least 50 times

When Love and Death Embrace - get both High and Drunk meters to 99% without blacking out and go to sleep

Am I high or something? For some odd reason I can't seem to find the start button to play the game - the only thing I could interact in here  is the left menu (status, objectives, etc.) and the change name.

Send help 


Type the name you want in the box and hit enter.


what is the name of the club?

the name of the club? It's Club Six

Hi, is there a wiki site of the game where everything is told about tasks and characters? And then I searched and didn't find it.

Sorry, there is not currently any wiki


Very bad


The web browser ones still is 0.9.8

Oh, thank you for letting me know, I will fix it!

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